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The below list of artists is broken into four sections; New England, United States, International, and The Legends. If we have a review on file for the particular artist, it will be hyperlinkd right below the artist's name.

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    New England
  • A Helmet of Gnats -
  • After The Fall - Connecticut

    Hailing from Connecticut, AFTER THE FALL have been around since the late 1980's and their line-up consists of Mark Benson (vocals, guitars), Ken Archer (keyboards), Jeff Brewer (bass, percussion, vocals) and Rich Kornacki (drums, percussion).

    AFTER THE FALL are one of the most original contemporary prog bands from the USA, blending influences from various subgenres to create their own highly individual sound., AFTER THE FALL plays in a modern progressive style that is predominantly art rock but combines elements of symphonic and neo with a tinge of prog metal, yet pays homage to the greats of the past. If you like long tracks with wonderful vocals and lyrics, tasty and muscular guitar work, lots of vintage keyboards, sinewy bass playing and complex, nimble drum work, AFTER THE FALL is definitely the

  • Akacia -
  • Architectural Metaphor -
  • Barry Goudreau -
  • Birdsongs of the Mesozoic - Boston
    Chamber Rock Quintet
  • Color and Talea - Boston
    The instrumental trio's unique style of experimental/breakbeat/jazz improvisation has been called “one of the most frenetic live acts in Boston.”
  • Devil Music -
  • Dipthong - Tewksbury, MA.
  • Dreadnaught -

    REVIEW: Live In Lowell - Jan 2005
    REVIEW: Live In Lowell - Jan 2005
  • Eccentric Orbit -
    An instrumental Prog Rock band from Massachusetts blending elements of ELP, KC, and others and featuring classic keyboard/synth sounds.
  • Electrum -
    Instrumental progressive rock trio.
  • Event -
    Cutting edge hard rock
  • Fluttr Effect - Boston
  • Forever Einstein - Connecticut
    Forever Einstein is a three piece band playing original instrumental music that incorporates a truly broad range of influences.
  • Four Sticks -
    A Led Zeppelin Tribute.
  • Gary Hoey -
  • Holstein -
  • Infinity Minus One -
    Prog metal outfit from Boston.
  • Jay Wasco - Trumbull, CT.
    Jay Wasco of Johnny Skilsaw fame finally got the gumption to throw a camera in the corner of his Trumbull CT studio to share how he has no regard for what is normally possible.
  • Jerfo -
  • Jon Finn Group -
    Guitar virtuoso and Berklee instructor
  • Jonathan Mover -
    Legendary drummer from Peabody
  • Ken Field -
    Composer, saxophonist, flautist, and percussionist from Birdsongs of the Mesozoic and Sesame Street!
  • Living In The Past -
    An amazing Jethro Tull tribute band
  • Magus -
    A progressive band from Brattleboro, VT
  • Michael Scrima - Massachusetts, North Shore
    If one musician could walk several paths at once, this music is the end result.
  • Mindwalk - MA
    MINDWALK is a very young progressive/fusion rock trio of gifted musicians out of the Boston area. Each having an outstanding history of musical achievements, they have joined together to create an am
  • Paranoise -
    Heavy progressive rock with world music influences.
  • Pink Voyd -
    New Englands ultimate Pink Floyd Tribute Band
  • Private Circus -
    Novel, eclectic, hard to describe: A Clown Car with an afterburner. I guess you just got to hear it.
  • Rich Casey - Waltham, MA.
    "Progressive rock even your girlfriend will like!"
  • Second Sufis -
    A progressive-experimental-world duo based out of Connecticut
  • Seldon's Inquisitor -
    Our sonic landscape incorporates an eclectic mix of mellotron, Hammond organ, growling bass, crunch guitars, and layered vocals.
  • Shadow Pointe -
  • Specimen 37 -
    Psychetronic Rock. This could be described as Pink Floyd meets modern electronica, with heavy influences from Ozric Tentacles, Legendary Pink Dots, Nine Inch Nails, and quite a few others.
  • Spectris - Vermont/New Hampshire
    In the tradition of the great Progressive and Art rock bands, they are attempting to write music
  • Take Two -
    Fine Acoustic Entertainment
  • the Screen -
  • Time and Tide (Saugus, MA.) -
  • Tractor Trailer -
  • Uncle Billy's Smokehouse -
    Turning heads every time they take the stage, UBS quickly becoming one of the hottest live music acts in the Northeast.
  • Violet Nine -
  • Waking in the Blue -
    An Adult Alternative/progressive pop band from Manchester, New Hampshire.
  • Waltham Rocks -
    The official fan site of the rock band, Waltham. Music refreshingly reminiscent of the Eighties. Jessies Girl grows up.
  • Yoke Shire -
    Boston-based progressive rock band with some Tull influence.
  • Your Move -
    Local from New Hampshire--Classic Prog Cover Band
  • United States
  • Acuity - Michigan
  • Acumen - Ohio
  • Adrian Belew -
  • Afterlife - Long Island, NY.
    A band of five veteran musicians from Long Island who perform the classic progressive rock of the 70's and 80’s including Yes, Kansas, Rush, Genesis, ELP, UK and more.
  • Alaska -
  • Alex Skolnick - NY
  • Alon - Pennsylvania
  • Ambrosia -
  • Arpia - Italy
  • Cairo -
  • California Guitar Trio -
  • Carl Hupp - USA

    REVIEW: Hyper Statue
    REVIEW: Hyper Statue
  • Carl Palmer - us

    REVIEW: Interview June 2006
    REVIEW: Interview June 2006
  • Crack The Sky - Pennsylvania
  • D'arcana - California
    New Progressive Project Featuring Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist: Jay Tausig (E-Motive, Lunar Sea, Solid Space)

    REVIEW: As Worlds They Rise and Fall
    REVIEW: As Worlds They Rise and Fall
  • Discipline/Mathew Parmente - Michigan
  • Djam Karet - California
  • Don "Sugarcane" Harris -

    REVIEW: Sugarcane's Got the Blues
    REVIEW: Sugarcane's Got the Blues
  • Dream Theater - New York
    The premiere prog metal band; virtually invented the genre.

    REVIEW: An Evening With John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess
    REVIEW: An Evening With John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess
    REVIEW: Jordan Rudess-Rhythm of Time
    REVIEW: Jordan Rudess-Rhythm of Time
    REVIEW: Live At Budokan (2 DVD Set , 3 CD Set)
    REVIEW: Live At Budokan (2 DVD Set , 3 CD Set)
  • Dysrhythmia - Pennsylvania
  • Echolyn - Pennsylvania
  • Edensong - New York
    Orchestral Progressive Acoustic Metal
  • Enchant - San Francisco
  • Eyestrings - Michigan
  • Fear Of Flying - Saratoga, NY
  • Frogg Cafe - NewYork
  • Garaj Mahal -
    When you hear your first Garaj Mahal note, leading into an innovative fusion of funky jazz with a tasty world music flare, all other thoughts leave your mind as the music takes you on an unforgettable

    REVIEW: w00t by Garaj Mahal
    REVIEW: w00t by Garaj Mahal
  • Glass Hammer - Tennessee
  • Happy The Man -

    REVIEW: Happy the Man in Lowell 6/5/05
    REVIEW: Happy the Man in Lowell 6/5/05
  • Iluvatar - Baltimore, MD
  • IZZ - New York City

    Style: SYMPHONIC
    Without question one of the brightest lights on the American symphonic prog scene, IZZ melds classic and modern prog influences, strong melodies, complex male-female multi-part vocal harmonies, and stirring guitar and synthesizer solos into a familiar yet refreshing musical stew.

    The new IZZ album "My River Flows" shows the band’s full musical palette: from accessible yet complex songs mixing their Yes, Beatles, and Gentle Giant affinities with a Radiohead spice to a dynamic, spiritually uplifting multi-part symphonic suite.

    Tom Galgano, keyboards, lead vocals
    John Galgano, bass guitar keyboards, lead and backing vocals
    Paul Bremner, guitar
    Brian Coralian, electronic and acoustic drums
    Greg DiMiceli, acoustic drums and percussion
    Laura Meade, vocals
    Anmarie Byrnes, vocals

    Critically acclaimed progressive rock
  • Jibilian - Detroit, MI.
  • Kevin Gilbert -
  • Kopecky - Racine, Wisconsin
  • Land of Chocolate - Conshohocken, PA
  • Little Atlas - Florida
  • Magellan -
  • Mastermind - New Jersey
  • Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins - California
    Former Zappa guitarist playing eclectic, Zappa-inspired musical mayhem
  • Mind Sky - Rochester, NY
  • Murali Coryell All-star Blues Band -
    Murali Coryell is the son of Larry Coryell

    REVIEW: Interview - Feb 2007
    REVIEW: Interview - Feb 2007
  • Neal Morse -

    REVIEW: Neal Morse - ONE
    REVIEW: Neal Morse - ONE
  • Neil Cavanagh -
  • Ozone Quartet - Raleigh, NC
    an instrumental rock-fusion band based in Raleigh, NC. Originally known as Cloud Nine.
  • Paucity - Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Persephone's Dream - Pittsburgh
  • Proto-Kaw - Kansas
    In the early 70's, the band Kansas went through three large transformations. The sound of the band changed along with the the group members. The band the world came to know as Kansas was actually the
  • Rare Blend - Cleveland Ohio
  • Salem Hill -
  • Smokin' Granny - North Carolina
    Prog/jazz fusion with a touch of humor.
  • Sonus Umbra - Baltimore
    Sonus Umbra is a dark progressive hard rock band.
  • Spock's Beard - California

    REVIEW: Spock's Beard - Octane
    REVIEW: Spock's Beard - Octane
  • Statuspheerius - New York City
    "psychojazz trip funk"
  • Styx -

    REVIEW: Big Bang Theory
    REVIEW: Big Bang Theory
  • Symphony X - New Jersey
  • Syzygy - Ohio
  • The Grimm - Pennsylvania
    A four-piece prog-metal outfit
  • The Red Masque - Philadelphia
  • The Waiting Room "A Tribute to Genesis and Peter Gabriel - Buffalo, NY.
  • Tiles - Detroit, MI

    REVIEW: Window Dressing
    REVIEW: Window Dressing
  • Tony Levin - US

    REVIEW: Interview March 2006
    REVIEW: Interview March 2006
  • Under The Sun - California
  • Wonderous Stories - New York
    Performing progressive music of the 60's, 70's and 80's. Yes, Genesis, ELP, The Beatles, Peter Gabriel and much more ...
  • Woodenhead - New Orleans
  • The Legends
  • Asia -
    The original prog super-group
  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer -

    REVIEW: Vivacitas-Live At Glasgow 2002
    REVIEW: Vivacitas-Live At Glasgow 2002
  • Genesis -
  • Gentle Giant -
  • Jethro Tull -

    REVIEW: Broadsword and the Beast (1982/2005)
    REVIEW: Broadsword and the Beast (1982/2005)
    REVIEW: Bursting Out-Live (1978/2004)
    REVIEW: Bursting Out-Live (1978/2004)
    REVIEW: Crest Of A Knave
    REVIEW: Crest Of A Knave
    REVIEW: Ian Anderson Plays The Orchestral Jethro Tull
    REVIEW: Ian Anderson Plays The Orchestral Jethro Tull
    REVIEW: Nothing Is Easy: Live at the Isle of Wight 1970
    REVIEW: Nothing Is Easy: Live at the Isle of Wight 1970
    REVIEW: Stormwatch (1979/2004)
    REVIEW: Stormwatch (1979/2004)
  • John Wetton -
  • Kansas -

    REVIEW: The 30th Anniversary Collection
    REVIEW: The 30th Anniversary Collection
  • Keith Emerson -

    REVIEW: Interview June 2006
    REVIEW: Interview June 2006
  • King Crimson -
    As some say, the one that started it all
  • Marillion -

    REVIEW: Marbles On The Road
    REVIEW: Marbles On The Road
  • Pink Floyd -

    REVIEW: Back Against The Wall - Tribute (Vrious Artists)
    REVIEW: Back Against The Wall - Tribute (Vrious Artists)
    REVIEW: London 1966-1967
    REVIEW: London 1966-1967
  • Rush -

    REVIEW: Subdivisions A Tribute To Rush
    REVIEW: Subdivisions A Tribute To Rush
  • Saga -

    REVIEW: The Chapters Live
    REVIEW: The Chapters Live
  • Yes -

    REVIEW: Bill Bruford Earthworks (Reissue Series)
    REVIEW: Bill Bruford Earthworks (Reissue Series)
    REVIEW: Steve Howe: Spectrum
    REVIEW: Steve Howe: Spectrum
  • International
  • Aisles - Chile
    A new progressive rock band from Chile.
  • Alex Carpani - Italy
  • Alex Lysenko - Ukraine
    Powerful Symphonic Progressive Rock
  • Anekdoten - Sweden
    Dark prog metal
  • Anthropia - France
    Prog-metal from France
  • Arpia - Italy
  • Caravan -
  • Double Heart Project - France
    Instrumental Metal Band
  • Dream Aria - Toronto, CA
    DREAM ARIA is in a class all its own with fresh, fiery and haunting music. Elements include Rock, Techno, Progressive, Classical, New Age, Goth, and World music.
  • Final Conflict - UK
    A neo-prog band.
  • House of Not - Canada
  • il Castello di Atlante - Italy
    Making quality music for over 30 years!
  • IQ - UK
  • John Young -
  • La Torre dell Alchimista -
  • Lee Saunders - United Kingdom
    The Lee Saunders' project, 'The Puzzle', has been designed to look at key pivotal events of the 20th Century that have shaped the world in which we live today.
  • Luminos - UK
  • Miriodor -
  • Nektar -

    REVIEW: A Tab In The Ocean, Journey To The Center of the Eye, Remember The Future, Recycled
    REVIEW: A Tab In The Ocean, Journey To The Center of the Eye, Remember The Future, Recycled
  • Obsidian - Amsterdam
  • Orpheus -
  • Pain Of Salvation - Sweden
    Inventive prog metal
  • Porcupine Tree - UK
    Progressive rock in the tradition of Pink Floyd and Radiohead

    REVIEW: Porcupine Tree (opening act Tunnels)
    REVIEW: Porcupine Tree (opening act Tunnels)
  • Raimundo Rodulfo - Venezuela
  • RAIN - United Kingdom
  • Spaced Out -
  • Steve Hackett - UK
    The former guitarist of Genesis
  • Strangefish - United Kingdom
  • Synthology - Montreal
  • Textures - the Netherlands
  • The Flower Kings - Sweden
  • The Musical Box - Canada
    An amazing Genesis tribute band
  • The Skys - Lithuania
  • The Watch - Italy

    The Watch is a 5-piece band from Milan, Italy. Born from the ashes of The Night Watch, they began to work in a more professional way with the release of Ghost in 2001, the album that introduced them to prog audiences. Today, The Watch are a well-known act in the prog community and are definitely appreciated.

    Their music is inspired by artists of the 70's, primarily early Genesis, owing to an incredible similarity between Simone Rossetti's vocals and those of a younger Peter Gabriel. Despite this similarity, however, the band has its own style, combining classical prog atmospheres with a sprinkling of modernity. During interviews, the guys are often asked how they manage to attain such a high production level both in-studio and on stage. They like to say that they simply try to compose nice songs and nothing more. The Watch's latest effort, Vacuum, instantly received excellent reviews. With its release in November 2004.

    A brand new album; both are scheduled for 2007.

  • Transatlantic - USA, UK, and Sweden
    The prog super-group for the third wave
  • Visible Wind - Canada
    Progressive rock from the great white north